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Technical and Engineering Experts

We are Applied Optical Engineering, a contract engineering and technical consulting firm providing a wide range of services. We continually challenge ourselves to innovate and to bring our experience and technology to bear on the problems faced by our clients. We provide expertise for a broad spectrum of applications, including medical device development, communications and infrastructure, measurement and control systems, analytical instrumentation, data architecture and management, and intellectual property protection. We are committed to creativity, elegant simplicity, and sensitivity to budget so that we retain the flexibility to step up to your needs, whether you are a large corporation, the United States military, a small business, or an individual with a brilliant idea.

  • Neurons
  • Opto Preamp
  • Collimated Diodes

Our house specialties are optoelectronics for communications, sensing, and measurement. Our scientists have spent years in the industry and are responsible for a number of novel technologies in the field. We have many talents in our network, and pride ourselves on being agile enough to find or develop the right hardware and software to support your endeavors. In addition to rapid prototyping and product development, we offer a range of business consulting services to help you get your product to market and to safeguard the intellectual property you have now.

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